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    Alright, this a little site I built up to index my fanfictions. My focus is mainly on Mandalorians, and Clones, as you can probably see.

    For those who hit on the site and don't know who I am: My aliases are Corran_Fett at TFN, Corran at PSW, and Tracyn at Wookieepedia and starwars.com. I'm a 16-year-old German, and that is why my fics might lack more in-depth descriptions and details, but so far, it's understandable enough, or so my readers say.

    The NJO-fics are all in PDFs, and the two Clone Wars fics are on html-sites. Two fics have covers, those are photomanipulations I've done. The others haven't. I've got nothing special to say about the Clone Wars fics, but something about the NJO-stuff, what you can read below.

    The Clone Wars sections are still empty, but I'll take care of that, soon.

    My NJO fanfiction saga: Rage of the Shadow Warriors
    Well, first things first: big kudos to Quiet_Mandalorian over at TFN, who inspired me for the title of the fics, because he wrote the first fanfic about Mandalorians vs. Yuuzhan Vong under the name "Rage of the Shadow Warriors". This inspired me to write about Mandalorians in the NJO, too, and I began writing Honor Guard. Before finishing Honor Guard months later, I got the idea of making a saga out of it, with at least one big (at least as big as Honor Guard) sequel and several short-stories (vignettes) as spin-offs, especially for developing characters. Searching for a title, I came back on QM's fic, and thought the title would fit pretty damn good, and thus I asked him whether I could use it for my saga. He agreed, and he came to the decision to share our fics, why he renamed his fic to "Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Wrath of the Mandalore", and I renamed Honor Guard to "Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Honor Guard" and made some references to QM's fic in mine. We might be sharing characters or even writing a collaborative fanfic in future, but that isn't sure for now. Sure is, that I finished Honor Guard and wrote two vignettes with new characters - characters that might be major character in the sequel to Honor Guard I'm currently writing on, and this is why I strongly advise everyone to read all Rage of the Shadow Warriors fics (also QM's) in order to get the full image for the sequel.

    Further notes on Rage of the Shadow Warriors and continuity/canon: When I started writing Honor Guard in September '05, I assumed the Mandalorians had never sided with the Vong, and only entered the war because the Vong wanted to conquer Mandalore - based on the information after date, this assumption was totally warrantable. However, a few months ago, information came up that the Mandalorians had been into the invasion from the beginning, as mercenaries for the Yuuzhan Vong who laid the battlefield for them. After I read Karen Traviss's A Practical Man (where this very information was explained), I knew that Honor Guard had gone from continuity with canon to alternate universe or canon, because in my story, the Mandalorians entered the war out of other reasons. However, not wanting my fic to be AU, I rewrote the Prologue and Epilogue, to fit the story into canon. The story itself has only minor edits, and some lines might still be considered fanon, but this could also be explained by the fact that not all Mandalorians (and not all Vong) knew of the former alliance of the Mandalorians and the Yuuzhan Vong. Although the vignettes Runner and Pariah where both written before I knew of this new info, I changed nothing there, because they still fit into canon/continuity. Another little fact that was released only lately in Bloodlines, says that Boba Fett had only 100 commandos fighting with him. Honor Guard says more than 300 fought, and it is rather to be assumed that the "100 commandos" merely ment 100 Supercommandos, plus lots of other Mandalorians. Especially for the defense of Mandalore, only 100 Mandalorian never would have stood against such an overwhelming force. That is why in Honor Guard, I have more than 100 Mandalorians in the battle for Dubrillion, but only about 50 or so of them are elite Supercommandos - the others are just "volunteers" who usually are farmers, smiths or mercenaries on planets in the Mandalore Sector and want to fight for their homes; and they are still very formidable fighters and have the usual Mandalorian training, but not quite as elite as the Supercommandos.

    Once you've read the stories, be sure to check here for some background information and artworks.

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