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    Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Pariah
    28 ABY - 41 months into the Yuuzhan Vong invasion

    With the Yuuzhan Vong spreading over the galaxy, devastating one planet after another on their endless conquest in the known galaxy, the Mandalorian Protectors under Mandalore Boba Fett finally decide to make a stand.

    In order to make this stand, however, the Mandalorian Protectors need every single experienced and skilled warrior on their side, what is why several high-ranked Mandalorians are sent out to recruit all soldiers, mercenaries, bounty hunters and even assassins who are of Mandalorian heritage or have been taught in Mandalorian culture and adepted it - or at least have sufficient fighting skills.

    One of these outlaws is neither too interested in his heritage, nor is this wanted criminal one others would want to mess with. This man is in serious trouble right now and finds himself in the middle of an Yuuzhan Vong invasion on a planet he is held captive on.

    This story takes place before Honor Guard, but for a better understanding, it is strongly advised to have read Honor Guard, first.

    Characters: -mentioning them would spoil the story-
    Genre: Action, Angst, Drama

    Length: approx. 6,000 words - vignette
    Download: 9 pages PDF document - click here or cover for download
    Comments, Critics & Feedback: jacen-s@gmx.net, or in the thread on TFN, here.

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