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    Name origins of some of my characters...
    Alright, here goes some inside information about my fanfiction saga Rage of the Shadow Warriors. Some names' origins shall remain secret, but there's at least a bit I can tell you:

  • Gladus Tite: From gladius (Latin for "sword") and titus, what is a Roman praenomen or given name that derived from titulous (Latin for "title of honor").
  • Altair Jiriad: From altair (Arabic for "eagle") and jiriad (Mando'a for "chalky/ashen-faced"). Correct writing would be Altaïr Jiriad, because the "i" is spoken (pronounced: Ahl-tie-ear Gee-REE-ad).
  • Character Profiles
    You can already see images of several characters below, but I did even more than that. For those who want to read only one of the fics and have problems understanding the actions and personailties of a certain character, because that given character had been in a story they haven't read, yet, I created profiles for several of them in the Star Wars Fanon Wikia, which in itself is a weird thing, but if you just want to create an article about an OC of yours or other things you made up, it is great for indexing, not to mention that the style of Wiki articles is pretty popular. So, without further ado, I present you my index:
    Just click on the title of this section 'Character Profiles' to get to it
    . You will even find more than character profiles in the future, maybe summaries of the stories and even articles about weapons and ships used in my fics.

    Rage of the Shadow Warriors and ART!
    As you might've seen, I make my own cover art (or, I made photomanips of them) with images displaying the main characters of each fic. That's Ronan Barec on Honor Guard's cover (or at least his helmet), Gladus Tite on Pariah's cover, and Altair Jiriad on Runner's cover. First to Altair Jiriad: the character I have in mind for him, or say, how I think he looks like, is like Ronon Dex (played by Jason Momoa) in Stargate Atlantis, with some tattoos in his face (more on that, below). He's got the tattoos because he's a Kiffar, and the dreadlocks are of that heritage, as well. His armor colors in Runner are silver and blue. Next one would be Ronan Barec: he looks like Clive Owen to me, what you can see below. In Honor Guard, he's got a silver/golden armor. I don't have a real actor, like with the others, in mind for Gladus Tite, but his face looks just like on the cover - maybe a little, little bit like Gary Oldman, but not really. Actually, he got the scar some time after Pariah's events, and he's got also a real armor - the one they gave him in The Abyss was just a matte-grey mockup. More on their armors and other stuff will be revealed in the sequel to Honor Guard I'm currently working on.

    Now, to showcase some arts other than on the covers. Click the thumbnails for larger versions.
    The first two showcase Ronan Barec with his armor of Honor Guard. The first one's a coloring, the second a photomanip of a Boba Fett fan costume. He doesn't really have an EE-3 or a coat like Boba Fett, but I couldn't edit that one out. The third one shows Altair Jiriad and his son, Skira, in an event prior to Runner. He had those scars erased by a medic and he tattooed the sigil of Clan Jiriad around his right eye, later. The image shows him without the traditional Kiffar paint. The artwork is a coloring of a lineart by great Tom Hodges.
    The fourth image shows Gladus Tite. Although this is also the cover image for Pariah, he got the scar in an event after Pariah, but the armor is the same mockup as in Pariah. This photomanip was created using promotional renders of the game Kane & Lynch. The second artwork of him, the one that shows him in full armor, is a coloring of a sketch by the amazing DarthKuk, and it shows Gladus in the armor and gear he acquired after the events of Pariah and he wears that in When Few Stood Against Many, the sequel to Honor Guard. The third artwork of Gladus shows him again, this time in battle against some Yuuzhan Vong in the late war, and he's shaved off his beard by then. The image itself is again colored by me, but the lineart was done by itmon, another awesome fan-artist who did this as a request for me, so pretty much all credit of that artwork goes to him.
    The last two are wallpapers featuring Gladus Tite, and could be considered as promo images for the upcoming sequel of Honor Guard.
    I have also set up a gallery of images on RotSW over there. Some of the images can already be seen below, but if you click the following link, you'll find plenty more: Gallery of Rage of the Shadow Warriors images.

    Ronan Barec

    Altair Jiriad and his son Skira

    Gladus Tite


    Disclaimer: Star Wars, its characters, and its setttings are copyrighted by © Lucasfilm Ltd. and George Lucas. My fanfiction stories, my original characters and my artworks, however, are my intellectual property. I do not claim to own any of the official characters or settings or any other part of Star Wars.